Hello everyone and welcome to my page! I’m Rowan Rayne, a Metro-Detroit Cosplayer who loves almost every facet of geek culture. A little about myself and how I got into cosplay:

I started out about 6 years ago making Halloween costumes. I got sick of the cliche, over sexed up costume versions of every day jobs. Though I have no issue at all with a sexy costume, one can only be a sexy school girl or a naughty nurse so much before it starts feeling really boring. The first costume I ever worked on was with the major assistance of a local seamstress, and it was the character Illyria, from the AMAZING Buffy spinoff, Angel. The next year, I made a Poison Ivy costume, which I worked on solo, for the first time. I was completely hooked when it came to costume design, and since I’ve been basically a giant nerd my whole life, my costumes really started reflecting that. I went to my first Comic Con 4 years ago, in just normal street clothes. My first comic con experience was probably a lot like every other person that eventually got into cosplay. It was incredible! The people, the costumes, the art, just everything about it! I was comfortable, I was having fun and it was awesome.After that, I vowed to put my costume design talents to work and be ready for the next year’s convention. Lady Loki was the very first costume I made for a Comic Convention and the rest is absolute history. I’ve been hooked ever since!